A great update on Heidi, a chocolate lab who was adopted by Lea Ann York in May of 2011



Just wanted to update you on Heidi.  She is doing wonderfully and fits in with our family so well, she is a great joy to have around the house.  Heidi has learned sit and down with both verbal and hand signals.  She also knows come and we are working on stay.  We've taught her to fetch, which is a fun way to play with her in the evenings.  She has become my faithfull morning running companion and I am teaching her to walk on the treadmill, for those rainy winter days when we can't go out.  She's been camping and hiking with us and loves to ride in the car....any car.  Our son came home from college recently and she jumped in his trunk when he opened it.  We are so pleased to have found Heidi, she is the dog for us.  I've attached a picture of us and the Pinacles in Berea.


Lea Ann York