A great update on Woodford, a black lab who was adopted by Careigh Fedorka in February of 2011


I just wanted to shoot a quick email to all of you at the KY Lab Rescue to let you know how well "Linus" is doing!  I have renamed him Woodford and he is a fan favorite here on the farm!  He is almost 10 months now and is thriving!  Between his time on the farm with all of the cats, horses, and people - he also has found a best friend in our other yellow lab, Bailey.  Our house is a big bowl of energy but they are inseparable and very much in love!  I can't thank you enough for finding such an amazing dog and I can truly say that he has an amazing life! I have attached a recent picture that was taken of Woodford while we were photographing the horses!

Thank you so much again,

Carleigh Fedorka