I just want you to know that Brady is the BEST dog!!! We love him! We are dog sitting a golden for a friend this week who is out of town on a church retreat. He wishes she would play with him but she is very laid back and doesn't play much. Still, he gets along with ALL dogs.

My standard doxie, Hannah, was 14 on May 2nd. She played outside and had a great evening playing with my son John. She died suddenly the next day. She had a abdominal tumor which ruptured and bled out. I can't begin to tell you the loss I feel. But I am so very glad that we already had Brady. I think if we hadn't already gotten him, we would have stopped looking as we were so saddened by the loss of Hannah.

Still, having him as been a blessing in that one. He is a wonderful dog and 2. he has helped us through a very painful time. One question, he chews everything!!! He has lots of toys but will chew anything he can get in his mouth. I'm worried that he will wreck his gut. Is there anything I can buy to put on things to discourage his chewing? Also, what about ear mites? What's the best way to treat them?
I have some photos I'll scan and send soon. Brady rules the roost at our house!

Carole & John