Your Christmas card reminded me that I've been meaning to let you know how things are going. What a great dog! We just love her. We changed her name to Callie - we just couldn't do Tinker. We tell people she's in the Witness Protection Program! She answered to her new name very quickly - we actually purposely never used Tinker in the hopes she would not be too terribly confused.

Anyway, she is such a sweetie. Lab puppy stuff, but she tries so hard and learns so fast. I can't believe anyone would give this dog up, but I'm so glad they did. Everything about her is so sweet. She is certainly a country dog! She is still getting used to the cars and trucks when we walk and we live in a quiet subdivision!

Every week she is so much more adjusted to her life here. She has reverted back to some jumping up on us when she's excited but is getting better every week. What was your way of training her not to? She doesn't jump up on people when they come in so that is good. She is afraid of men and barks at them - our male neighbors and men friends that come over. It takes her about an hour and then she is fine. Something must have happened to her in her past. We just love her and are so happy to have her.

Thanks for all you do - she obviously got a lot from her time with you and we appreciate it. If you ever need us for a reference, feel free to use our name or phone number.

Thanks again.