I just wanted to let you know about Grayson's
first night with us. He was wonderful on the drive home - he slept the whole way and has never said a word.
When we were in Petsmart EVERYONE commented on what a good looking dog he is. We purchased him Iams dog food, leash, collar, correction collar, crate, and a box of treats - Iams. We were hoping that is what you would

He is still HYPER - hoping he will calm back down as he settles in.... We fed him when we got home and he gulped up his food in no time flat! Slurped up water ALL over the place!

He slept out of his crate last night - in our room. We have decided that when we are at work we will put him in the crate, at least for now.

He seems to want to get to know the cats; however, they are VERY AFRAID of him right now. I think wants he settles in and calms down they will all adjust. I am sure the cats just think he is to big and to loud! He has still never barked. Have you heard him bark. We do not mind that he does not, in fact I think that is great!

We are looking into obedience class will let you know.
Just wanted to let you know the first night went well.

Thanks again,
Jackie M.