Miss Layla is doing much better. She follows me everywhere and is bonding very quickly to her new home. She runs circles around Kaymo, who just doesn't know where on earth this little ball of fire came from or what to do with it.

She truly is a sweetheart and very affectionate! Our friends came over for dinner last night and everyone fell in love with her. Of course, she was bursting with pride.

Yes say Miss Layla is bubbly is an understatement, she is busy all the time and just can't get enough of life!!

We do hugs and kisses all the time and lots of reminders of good girl and bad girl ( we are working on the jumping up on things and people) but she is very smart and learns fast. She already has learned to shake,lay down, and stay on command with treat rewards. We hope to get her into puppie classes this month.

I'm sooooo galde I found her, it was meant to be...I will keep you updated.

Thanks again,