Everything with Maxx is going great. We decided to keep his name the same, it easier to get his attention when he is on the go, chasing after a squirrel. He and Charlie are getting along great. It is so cute to watch them when they are eating rawhides. After a few minutes they get up and switch every time.

We can't thank you enough for him. He is the absolutely best dog every, next to Charlie that is. Denny and I often wonder why anyone would every get rid of him. He is soooo special to us.

We took him to go see Santa. That was an experience. He was so excited that every picture of he and Santa was on the go. Only one turned out half way decent and you can tell that he exulted poor Santa. You should see Charlie and Maxx play in the snow. I took tuns of PICS so I'll send you some when we get them developed. Maxx chases Charlie all around our yard and into our neighbors until Chuck is about to drop. Charlie got Max to say his first words that way. Charlie wouldn't play anymore and Maxx was still full of himself and barked at him. That was this past Sunday. That is the only time we have heard him bark.

Anyway, thank you again for our sweet new baby!!

Jennifer, Denny, Charlie, and Maxx