Stella wanted to send her greetings and let you all know how she is doing. We recently moved to Indiana with some acreage and 2 ponds, and Stella is in Dog Heaven! Stella lives in the house with us, and is an absolute joy to have around. She is the most well-behaved dog I have ever seen. She loves to play, and her favorite game is to "keep my bone away from Dad." She is very gentle and even likes to watch Animal Planet on TV. She loves my daughters; and when they are away at a friends, she will look in their rooms to see if they are back yet.

She loves to ride in the car, and will never turn down the chance to take a ride, even if I am just pulling the car into the garage! I think she wants to have a friend to run with, and I have the room now for a few more Labs :)


May fortune continue to find favor in you.

Joseph Riggs