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Volunteer Information

Anyone can help save a Labrador Retriever!

Kentucky Lab Rescue is a non-profit 501(C)3 organization. All donations are tax deductible. All contributions and adoption fees help pay for the cost of medical care, rescue fees from shelters, boarding and other related expenses.

There are several ways that you could volunteer to help the efforts of Kentucky Lab Rescue. If one of these methods matches your commitment level and you'd like to talk to someone about volunteering with KLR, just send an email to volunteer@kylabrescue.com and someone will contact you.


Ways that you can contribute to saving a Lab:

Foster care - You can shelter a Lab on an emergency basis (short term) or until a permanent placement is made (long term). The experience of saving a dog from a shelter is one that the whole family can appreciate. Giving that dog a loving home for a short time teaches children in the home the value of your love and time through actions, not just sentiment.

Applicant Screeners - Our rescue program receives several applications for adoption a week, and it takes time to accurately screen them for consideration. If you'd like to volunteer, but don't have the means to shelter a dog, you might consider this position. Screeners receive applications for adoption, check references, perform a telephone interview with the applicant, and according to preset guidelines, match them with an appropriate dog.

Transportation Aide - This is probably the image most people have of rescue work, the concept of rescue in its purest form. Transportation aides in our rescue program transport dogs to and from veterinary appointments, deliver dogs to foster care when foster families may need help from time to time, and aides also remove dogs from potentially dangerous situations - abusive homes, scheduled euthanasia, severe neglect - and deliver them into the hands of safety here in our rescue program.

Evaluation Team - Each dog that comes into our program has been screened to determine breed, age, temperament, and overall health and potential for adoption. Volunteers in this area could assist our program in visiting homes and shelters that claim to have Labs to surrender.

Sponsorship - Many people have the desire to help our dogs, but they often have as many pets as their homes can support. Sponsoring a Lab by making a tax deductible donation helps defray the cost of spaying/neutering, shots, heartworm and flea prevention, and daily room and board. If you wish, you may sponsor a dog until a permanent home is found for it. In return, we will list your family on our Lab Lovers page, and allow you to name the dog. You may also donate in a friend or family member's name, and we will send a photograph and description of the dog sponsored.

Fundraising - This type of volunteer effort can be done by a group or individual, once or on an ongoing basis. It allows for creativity in designing a fundraising event, as well as some fun with the social aspect of it. Our fundraising department is always looking for new members with fresh ideas, good contacts, or enthusiasm. Even beyond a commitment to fundraising, this rescue program would gratefully accept ideas, big and small, that you think might help raise funds for rescue work.

Awareness - This is probably the most effective, least costly way of helping our organization. Examples of increasing awareness for Kentucky Lab Rescue include adding a link from your home page to this website and encouraging other sites to add a link, posting flyers inside your local pet stores, grocery stores, and educating local animal clinics and veterinarians about our existence. Help us to spread the word around Kentucky that there is hope for abandoned and unwanted Labrador Retrievers.







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